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CAAC Develops and Publishes Guidelines for the Planning and Design of Staff Rest Areas in Transport Airports24/06/2024
Recently, CAAC issued the Guidelines for the Planning and Design of Staff Rest Areas in Transport Airports (the Guidelines), which provides guidance for transport airports on scientific and rational planning and design of staff rest areas in terms of planning and layout, architectural design, facilities and equipment as well as operation management and maintenance, in an effort to address the inadequacy of facilities for staff to rest, and protect the health, rights and interests of staff in a practical manner.
The Guidelines recommend that the planning and design of staff rest areas be considered in advance at the early stage of airport planning, so as to strike a good balance between the resources for public service facilities and operation support facilities. Airports are encouraged to identify the locations and layout of rest areas in advance after a comprehensive assessment of capacity, overall layout, number of staff, flight characteristics, and resources, so as to minimize or avoid the dismantling or re-construction of facilities. Considering the large number of resident entities and constraints in resources, it is recommended that airport management authorities, through integration of resources, reasonably plan and arrange shared rest areas for common use by staff from various entities to complement their respective rest areas, in an effort to realize the collective and efficient use of airport operation and support resources.


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