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2024 Meeting on Flight Regularity Held in Beijing24/06/2024
On May 9, 2024 Meeting on Flight Regularity and Meeting on Review of Winter Operation Support and Preparation for Thunderstorm Season was held in Beijing, to review and summarize winter operation support since last year and the recent complex thunderstorm weather preparations, and to study and deploy this year’s coordination of civil aviation operation support, especially for thunderstorm preparations. CAAC Deputy Administrator Ma Bing attended and addressed the meeting, and relevant persons in charge from National Air Traffic Control Commission Office and Staff Department of Air Force also joined the meeting.
Ma Bing reviewed civil aviation operation in 2023 and analyzed the current situation and challenges. Ma pointed out that last year, civil aviation withstood the test of the first large traffic flow since traffic restriction, and has managed to achieve safe and stable operation all year round, with a flight regularity rate of 87.8% against a recovery in flight traffic to 92.91% of 2019 level, which is 6.15 percentage points up compared with 2019. At present, from the perspective of development situation, the overall situation of high-quality development of civil aviation has put forward higher requirements on improving the overall operation quality; in terms of operation environment, the more frequent bad weather has brought about great impact on the overall operation environment; and capacity-wise, the comprehensive support capacity of certain regions is overstretched, with room for improvement in overall coordination. Civil aviation entities must deeply understand that operational efficiency is comprehensive representation of high-quality development of civil aviation, and be fully aware of the significance of ensuring sufficient operation support.
Ma put forward three requirements on further improving the coordinated operation support for civil aviation in 2024. First, to continue to strengthen the building of an operation coordination mechanism; second, to concentrate on the operation support during the thunderstorm season; and third, to carefully plan for winter operation support.
Representatives from the Capital, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Harbin, Urumqi Airports, and China Southern and Xiamen Airlines, as well as Central-South Air Traffic Management Bureau made interventions during the meeting and exchanges views, while CAAC Air Traffic Management Bureau introduced the overall winter operation support among the ATM system last year and preparation measures for this year’s thunderstorm season, and the Operation Monitoring and Control Center introduced the main content of the “2024 Overall Program on Civil Aviation Operation Support for the Thunderstorm Season”. Relevant persons in charge from National Air Traffic Control Commission Office and Staff Department of Air Force intervened on enhancing coordination and improving operation efficiency.


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