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Dong Zhiyi Greets Front-Line Officials and Workers at Beijing New Airport01/03/2018

On February 8, the traditional Kitchen God's Day, Dong Zhiyi, Deputy Administrator of CAAC and Chairman of National Civil Aviation Trade Union, on behalf of CAAC CPC Leadership Group, visited and greeted the front-line officials and workers engaging in construction of Beijing New Airport, sending them Chinese New Year’s blessing and cordial greetings.

By the end of 2017, the construction of the flight area of Beijing New Airport had been smooth. Major node targets such as roof-sealing and wall-sealing were successfully finished for the terminal area project; as for the operation area, structure of departure viaduct was completed, and engineering of light current information technology, engineering of electromechanical equipment, agent construction of rails and projects of demolition and renovation progressed in an orderly way, and preparatory work for overall operations was initiated.