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Department of General Affairs17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Assist CAAC executives in dealing with day-to-day administrative affairs.

2. Organize CPC Leadership Group meetings, meetings on Administration affairs, routine meetings of CAAC executives, and far-reaching work meetings. Organize monthly operational safety examination meetings. Coordinate and manage important meetings of CAAC Organs.

3. Assume secretarial responsibilities for the CPC Leadership Group and CAAC executives. Perform on-watch duties for CAAC.

4. Process CAAC official documents, and provide guidance on paperwork for CAAC regional administrations. Manage the official seals of CAAC, CAAC CPC Leadership Group, and CAAC executives, and handle the issue and cancellation of official seals for CAAC organs and agencies directly affiliated to CAAC. Manage Party documents.

5. Study and draft the speeches of CAAC executives, and important documents.

6. Deal with the advice, proposals, and queries concerning civil aviation from the NPC and CPPCC.

7. Make press release for CAAC. Direct the work concerning government information and e-government of administrative agencies. Manage the open governing work for CAAC organs, and direct the open governing work for industry administrative agencies at various levels. Govern CAAC exhibitions.

8. Responsible for the confidentiality work of CAAC organs, direct confidentiality work of agencies directly affiliated to CAAC, and provide guidance for them.

9. Manage civil aviation-related files, supervise CAAC Archives, and provide guidance on archives for agencies directly affiliated to CAAC and other entities of the industry.

10. Responsible for administrative work of CAAC organs, and supervise and inspect the implementation of major decisions and affairs.

11. Responsible for dealing with letters and calls from the public, and provide guidance for directly affiliated agencies on such work.

12. Responsible for liaison and reception on behalf of CAAC.

13. Manage the fixed assets and property of CAAC organs, and oversee energy efficiency efforts. Responsible for the institutional development of CAAC organs, and oversee the housing system reform. Supervise the housing system reform at directly affiliated enterprises and public institutions in Beijing, and the energy efficiency efforts at directly affiliated public institutions.

14. Direct and supervise the logistics and service work of CAAC organs. Oversee the work of the CAAC Service Center, Information Center, and Foreign Airlines Service Center.

15. Organize and coordinate emergency civil aviation tasks, and response to major affairs and breaking incidents.

16. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.