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Department of Finance17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Make recommendations on economic control, fiscal and taxation, and financing policies for civil aviation; draft the rules and management methodology governing finance and financial accounting for directly affiliated entities, and oversee and coordinate the implementation.

2. Manage the financial information of the civil aviation industry; periodically analyze and monitor the financial operation and performance of the industry, and study and formulate coping measures.

3. Responsible for budgeting and final accounting for civil aviation entities; manage the use of civil aviation budget and financial accounting.

4. Manage the use of forex not for purposes of trade or business operations by civil aviation entities.

5. Manage and conduct government procurement by entities directly affiliated with CAAC.

6. Manage the state-owned assets held by entities directly affiliated with CAAC. Budget the state-owned capital for directly affiliated enterprises, and withhold returns on state-owned capital and remit it to the fiscal authorities.

7. Conduct financial management, oversight and inspection, as well as performance evaluation for entities directly affiliated with CAAC. Conduct financial accountability audit and end-of-term accountability audit of executives of directly affiliated entities.

8. Responsible for implementing the accountant assignment system.

9. Manage the non-tax revenue, such the administrative charges. Manage financial vouchers, such as civil aviation-related special invoices of different types and securities.

10. Responsible for collecting and budgeting the governmental funds of civil aviation, and overseeing the use. Conduct the financial management and evaluation of engineering and construction projects.

11. Examine the financial supporting capability of airlines with respect to operational safety.

12. Responsible for finance and financial accounting for CAAC departments.

13. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.

Board of Supervisors of Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH)

Check CAH’s compliance with relevant laws, administrative provisions, and regulations; check CAH’s financial performance and bottom line, profit distribution, the maintenance and growth of state-owned assets value, assets condition, etc.; examine the business conduct of CAH executives, evaluate their business and managerial performance, and make recommendations on reward, punishment, appointment and removal accordingly.