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Department of Transport17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Draft laws, regulations, policies, and standards governing civil aviation transport, general aviation and market administration, management of the transport of dangerous goods by air, transport service quality management, and the protection of rights and interests of civil aviation consumers, and oversee the execution.

2. Responsible for overseeing and managing the civil aviation transport market and service quality; and maintain the order of the civil aviation transport market.

3. Direct and oversee the efforts of air transport associations at sales agency management and self-discipline of the air transport business, coordinate and oversee the air transport service business of international organizations, such as the associations of the international air transport industry in China.

4. Responsible for the licensing and management of airport ground service providers, oversee and manage ground handling services at airports, and standardize contracting for aviation ground handling services.

5. Examine and put in place resolutions, standards, or recommended practices concerning international air transport by ICAO, among other international and regional organizations.

6. Examine and oversee the implementation of agreements on cooperation concerning alliance and code-sharing between air transport enterprises.

7. Oversee work concerning the handling of complaints from civil aviation consumers.

8. Responsible for the licensing of public air transport enterprises and their flight operations.

9. Examine, supervise and manage the application for transport business operations by air transport enterprises.

10. Responsible for work concerning the opening of aviation ports.

11. Implement inter-governmental bilateral agreements on air transport, and support the evaluation of international routes.

12. Draft and implement arrangements on air transport between the Mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

13. Support and coordinate major, special and emergency air transport tasks, general aviation tasks and holiday air transport tasks.

14. Responsible for national defense mobilization of the civil aviation industry, such as education on national defense, arming of people, preparing of transport for war, economic mobilization, and people’s air defense, etc.

15. Oversee and manage the transport of dangerous goods by air.

16. Maintain the market order for general aviation. Examine the applications for overseas general aviation operations and special general aviation tasks by general aviation enterprises.

17. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.