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Department of Airport17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Draft laws, regulations, policies, standards, and quotas governing the construction, safety and operational management of civil airports (including the civil portions of military and civilian combined airports, the same as below), and oversee the implementation.

2. Review the site of new civil airports to be built and the name of airports; review the master plans for civil airports, and oversee the implementation.

3. Manage the licensing of civil airports; issue and revoke the license for civil airports, and conduct oversight.

4. Review the initial design for engineering and construction projects in civil aviation, and conduct industry acceptance.

5. Manage project bidding in civil aviation (excluding international bidding for mechanical and electrical products and bidding for government procurement), and supervise and manage engineering quality in civil aviation.

6. Manage qualification of organizations responsible for engineering design, construction and supervision, as well as intermediary organizations.

7. Oversee and inspect the operational safety at civil airports.

8. Manage emergency rescue, environmental protection, land use, and clearance protection for civil airports.

9. Authorize the use of special equipment at civil airports.

10. Oversee and manage operational safety of fuel suppliers at civil airports.

11. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.