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Office of Air Traffic Regulation17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Draft laws, regulations, policies, standards, and technical specifications governing air traffic management for civil aviation, and oversee the implementation.

2. Develop the plan for development of civil aviation air traffic management, and oversee the implementation.

3. Conduct safety audit of civil aviation air traffic control units; direct the development of safety management system for civil aviation air traffic regulation. Oversee and check operational safety of civil aviation air traffic regulation.

4. Propose resource allocation policies for time slots, airspace capacity, etc. and oversee and check the execution.

5. Manage qualifications of air traffic controllers, aeronautical information personnel, aeronautical telecommunication personnel, and aeronautical meteorologists. Responsible for professional training of ATC inspectors.

6. Authorize use, access and operation of civil aviation ATC facilities and equipment. Review and approve civil aviation radio station sites. Responsible for the licensing and management of meteorological observation environment.

7. Plan and manage radio spectrum of civil aviation. Responsible for designation of civil aviation radio frequencies, signals and codes; issue civil aircraft radio licenses. Coordinate and deal with major civil aviation radio interferences.

8. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.