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Bureau of Aviation Security17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Draw laws, regulations, policies, and standards governing civil aviation security; develop civil aviation security plans; and oversee the implementation.

2. Conduct certification of security-related operational qualifications of civil airports and airlines; review aviation security plans of civil aviation enterprises and public institutions, and oversee the implementation.

3. Oversee and manage work concerning civil aviation security; plan and direct development of industry security management system (SEMS); conduct evaluation of threats to civil aviation security; issue situation analysis reports (circulars) and preventive measures and directives.

4. Conduct work concerning information; decide and announce the level of early warning.

5. Direct the handling of unlawful interferences with civil aviation safety; direct development of the hijacking contingency plan, and organize the training and exercise; Undertake the overall coordination and daily work concerning the handling of aircraft hijacking and bombing.

6. Direct capacity building for flight security guards of air transport enterprises; develop methods of training and performance evaluation for flight security guards, and oversee the implementation.

7. Direct and oversee security check for civil aviation, and issue licenses for civil aviation security check devices and equipment.

8. Engage in security guarding for special civil aircraft; conduct and oversee civil aviation security guarding for major activities and conventions of the state.

9. Oversee and manage road traffic, firefighting, and anti-drug efforts for civil airports; direct the public security agency of airports to make criminal investigation, maintain public security, and manage road traffic in public areas.

10. Manage directly-affiliated public security force and air marshals as prescribed; responsible for pre-installation documentation of executives of public security agencies at other airports as provided in the specified procedure and scope.

11. Direct and examine security facility construction projects at civil airports.

12. Oversee and manage the issue of the permit for control areas of civil airports, boarding pass for air crew, and the license for flight security guards, etc.

13. Oversee law enforcement by civil aviation public security agencies, and conduct police inspection on civil aviation public security agencies.

14. Oversee and check internal public security efforts and overall administration at civil aviation entities.

15. Undertake other tasks assigned by executives of the CAAC and the Ministry of Public Security.

Command of Air Marshals

Conduct centralized management of the air marshal force; direct the work concerning ideological and political instruction, service, training, and funding support; direct recipient entities of dispatched air marshals to provide localized support.