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Group of Discipline Inspection (Bureau of Supervision Stationed in CAAC)17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Oversee and inspect execution of the lines, principles, policies, and decisions of the Party, compliance with the state laws and regulations, and implementation of the decisions and instructions of the State Council, as well as the resolutions of CAAC Party Leadership Group by the Party group of CAAC agencies and directly affiliated entities.

2. Oversee and inspect compliance by the leadership of CAAC, Party Committee (Party Leadership Group) of directly affiliated entities, administrative leadership and members with the political discipline of the Party and democratic centralism, their selection and appointment of officials, and their execution of the Responsibility Mechanism of Party Conduct and Incorruptness Development, and performance in incorruptness and diligence; oversee and inspect compliance with the Party and political discipline by officials of CAAC agencies at and above the division level, and other officials at departmental and bureau levels appointed by CAAC Party Leadership Group, as well as their use of power.

3. Assist CAAC Party Leadership Group in conducting Party conduct and incorruptness development, and organize and coordinate anti-corruption campaign; urge and assist development of the rules and norms concerning incorruptness and diligence by CAAC; urge and coordinate development of a corruption punishment and prevention system within the civil aviation industry.

4. Engage in investigations on violation of administrative discipline by CAAC and its administrative leadership members subject to approval by the Ministry of Supervision; investigate and deal with violation of the CPC Constitution and other rules of the Party by Party organizations and members within its purview; investigate and deal with violation of administrative disciplines by CAAC competent authorities, their civil servants, and other monitoring objects provided by law.

5. Address complaints and accusations against the Party organizations, Party members, and administrative monitoring objects of CAAC agencies and its directly affiliated entities; address appeals from Party members of CAAC agencies and its directly affiliated entities against decisions on Party disciplinary action, and appeals from administrative inspection objects against administrative punishment and supervisory decisions.

6. Direct work of Party discipline inspection agencies and administrative supervisory agencies of entities directly affiliated with CAAC.

7. Organize and coordinate CAAC’s action to correct unhealthy tendencies in administrative agencies and companies.

8. Undertake other tasks assigned by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China, Ministry of Supervision, and Party Leadership Group of CAAC.

Discipline Inspection Commission for CAAC Agencies

Responsible for Party discipline inspection on CAAC agencies.