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Feng Zhenglin Inspects Beijing New Airport Construction14/11/2017

October 1 was the first day of the National Day Holiday. Early in the morning, CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin inspected the construction site of Beijing New Airport, and visited the construction staff and extended his greetings to those who stuck to their post during the holiday. CAAC Deputy Administrator Dong Zhiyi accompanied Feng in the inspection.

Feng Zhenglin visited construction sites including the main building and southwestern piers of the new airport terminal, tower in the west area of ATM project, No.5 section in the movement areas, etc., inspected the construction progress, learned the difficulties and problems during the construction process, and listened to reports from Capital Airports Holding Company etc. He said that Beijing New Airport Construction Project maintained a high level in safety, quality and management, and it was worthy of compliment that the project was proceeding smoothly with prominent achievements.

Feng Zhenglin said that Beijing New Airport represents a century project which will speed up civil aviation infrastructure construction in China and will lead the direction of civil airport development. He stressed the requirement for strengthening the consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment. In accordance with President Xi Jinping’s important instructions on Beijing New Airport in January of this year, the project shall be built into a into a high-grade, exemplary, safe and clean one.

Feng Zhenglin required that construction details shall be paid attention to and advanced engineering management methods be employed, aiming to achieve a high level both in inner quality and exterior style. According to the requirements raised in Conference on Speeding up Civil Aviation Infrastructure Construction, it is required to build a safe, green, smart and civilized airport, making Beijing New Airport a model and benchmark for global airport construction. Relevant CAAC departments and Capital Airports Holding Company shall strengthen their coordination with new airport construction parties, and solve current issues in airport construction as soon as possible. The command of Beijing New Airport construction shall devote all their efforts into the construction to guarantee quality and safety under control, keep the project proceeding as scheduled and ensure the effective use of the funds.

Feng Zhenglin and Dong Zhiyi also extended their greetings to the frontline workers of Beijing New Airport construction, expressing gratitude to them for their sacrifice and contribution, and conveying greetings of the National Day Holiday and the Mid-Autumn Festival to them on behalf of the CPC Party group of CAAC.

At present, the construction planning and design for Beijing New Airport has been basically accomplished. The construction of movement area was in full swing. The principal concrete structure and steel structure in Terminal Building Area ceiled in this March and June respectively. Constructions of overpasses, utility tunnels and municipal roads in the working area kicked off, and relevant staff for operational preparation has been in place with key tasks and an implementation plan determined.