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CSEM Passed a Resolution on Establishing a Specialized Civil Aviation Subcommittee02/05/2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting and Symposium of China Society of Emergency Management (CSEM) was held on April 17 and 18. Dong Zhiyi, Deputy Administrator of CAAC, who also served as the President of CPC Party school of CAAC and the Deputy Chairman of CSEM, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech titled Improve Emergency Management Capability for High Quality Development of Civil Aviation. A resolution on the establishment of a specialized civil aviation subcommittee, which was proposed by Civil Aviation Management Institute of China and had been approved by CAAC, was considered and adopted during the meeting.

Under the joint leadership of CAAC and CSEM, the forthcoming CESM civil aviation subcommittee will proactively integrate the strengths of civil aviation administrative law enforcement agencies at all levels with those of various general aviation companies, commercial and GA airports, air traffic management departments, air services support units and civil aviation scientific research and training institutions, in an effort to build a professional technology platform which covers the whole civil aviation industry and facilitates China civil aviation and related institutions at home and abroad to jointly carry out emergency management related theory and technology research, academic exchanges and cooperation, so as to enable the civil aviation industry to improve the level of emergency management and better cope with emergencies.