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Wang Zhiqing: Seize Every Minute to Speed Up Preparatory Work for ATC Operations at Beijing New Airport02/05/2018

To implement the spirit of the first meeting of the Leading Group for the Construction and Preparatory Work for Operation of Beijing New Airport and promote the preparatory work for ATC operations, the Working Group on the ATC Operation at Beijing New Airport held the first meeting at the airport construction command center on April 18. The meeting reviewed recent work progress and discussed and put in place the work plans for the next phase.

CAAC Deputy Administrator Wang Zhiqing emphasized that Beijing New Airport will be a new source driving national development. The airport marks a new era for China’s 40-year reform and opening up, and is also a star-quality project in China’s efforts to build itself into a civil aviation powerhouse. Currently, as both construction and preparatory work for operation are entering into a crucial stage, the Working Group must identify the main contradiction, solve the core problems, and focus on 7 tasks including airspace planning, capacity evaluation, slot allocation and management, international air traffic rights allocation, incentive policy for the airlines planning to operate at the airport, ferrying plans, and air traffic control projects.

Prior to the meeting, Wang Zhiqing, accompanied by the leaders from the members of the Working Group, paid field visits to the Beijing New Airport terminal building, air traffic control tower and other construction sites.

It is known that the construction of Beijing New Airport movement area, terminal area and supporting facilities is making steady progress matching the overall schedule, and the structural work will be basically completed during the year. The preparations for the operation of the New Airport have been fully launched. The Measures for the Management of Civil Aviation Flight Schedules was issued on April 1, and the policy governing the international air traffic rights allocation between the “two airports in Beijing” will soon be introduced. The airspace planning scheme for Beijing terminal area is being submitted for approval, and activities such as capacity evaluation, flight procedure design, and operation plan development are being carried out ahead of schedule.