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“Belt and Road" Aviation Law Conference Held in Wuhan04/05/2018

From April 28th to 29th, the “Belt and Road” Aviation Law Conference was held in Wuhan. Experts and scholars from ICAO, CAAC, IATA, major domestic airlines, domestic and foreign universities and research institutions gathered for the occasion, and conducted in-depth discussions on five major agenda items, i.e. the "Belt and Road" and Trends in National Aviation Legislation, Airlines and "Belt and Road" Legal Practice, "Belt and Road" and Aircraft Financing and Leasing, "Belt and Road" Initiative and Aviation Dispute Settlement Mechanism, and Key Issues in Aviation Law. Wang Zhiqing, CAAC Deputy Administrator, Liu Fang, Secretary General of ICAO, and Feng Youmei, Executive Vice President of Wuhan University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

Since the signing of the Convention on International Civil Aviation in 1944, China Civil Aviation has been committing itself to the tracking, studying and research of international civil aviation laws, and has gradually found itself deeply involved in the development and amendment of many conventions on civil aviation in the past 30 years. With the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, ramping up research into international aviation law research, especially into the aviation law applicable to the “Belt and Road” countries, will support China civil aviation’s efforts to better serve national strategies, facilitate China civil aviation to improve its aviation regulatory system, and guide China to better participate in the research activities related to international civil aviation law. China civil aviation stands ready to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in a more open manner with well-known domestic and foreign research institutions and with experts and scholars inside and outside the industry.

The conference was hosted by Wuhan University, organized by the International Law Institute of Wuhan University, a China top think tank, and co-organized by the International Cooperation and Service Center, CAAC.