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The First New-type Fire Extinguisher of Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights in China Receives CAAC Airworthiness Approval29/12/2018

On December 17, the Meeting of the Airworthiness Certification Committee for Civil Aircraft Portable Fire Extinguisher was held by CAAC in Beijing. CAAC issued the “Approval of the Technology Standards Order Project for Clean Halohydrocarbon Aircraft Portable Fire Extinguisher” to Huayue fire extinguisher developed by the Second Research Institute of CAAC. The product is authorized to be introduced into the civil aviation market. This marks that China's first aircraft portable fire extinguisher with independent intellectual property rights in compliance with ICAO requirements has been officially approved by CAAC for airworthiness and marks a breakthrough in this field. CAAC Deputy Administrator Li Jian attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The portable aircraft fire extinguisher is an important device that guarantees safe aircraft operations. Since the 1980s, the international civil aviation industry has been using halon fire extinguishers. Later studies have found that halon-type fire extinguishing agents cause damage to the atmospheric ozone layer, resulting in a significant increase in ultraviolet rays reaching the surface of the earth, which will seriously harm human health. On November 25, 2016, ICAO adopted the amendment to Annex 6 to the Chicago Convention, requiring that after December 31, 2018, the aircraft portable halon fire extinguishers be gradually replaced with environmentally friendly fire extinguishers.

The Second Research Institute of CAAC started the research on aircraft clean gas fire extinguishers in 2013. In five years, the institute creatively solved the two major problems of storage stability and fire extinguishing performance of new-type fire extinguishing agents and finally developed the first environmental-friendly fire extinguisher with independent intellectual property right in China which can replace the current Halon 1211 fire extinguishers. In accordance with the requirements of CAAC, the Department of Aircraft Airworthiness Certification under CAAC established the Airworthiness Certification Committee for Civil Aircraft Portable Fire Extinguishers in January 2018 and authorized the CAAC Southwest Regional Administration to carry out fire extinguisher certification. The CAAC Southwest Regional Administration, based on international standards and China's actual conditions, has innovatively adopted a mode of simultaneous product review and standard setting and successfully completed various certification tasks.