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CAAC Officially Starts Verification and Assessment of BeiDou SBAS Application in Civil Aviation11/02/2019

Recently, CAAC has officially submitted a working paper on verification and assessment of BeiDou Satellite-based Augmentation System (SBAS) application in civil aviation to China Satellite Navigation Office.

On the afternoon of December 27, 2018, China Satellite Navigation Office announced that BDS-3 has finished building of the basic system, and has started to provide services to the world, marking that BDS has officially come into a new era of global coverage. With CAAC launching the verification and assessment of BeiDou SBAS application in civil aviation, BDS will one day be able to serve global civil aviation.

BDS is a global satellite navigation system that is independently built and operated by China. Promoting application of BDS in civil aviation, one of the most globalized industries, demonstrates the goal and value of BDS-3 to serve the world. Currently, CAAC has gradually carried out work to apply BDS for positioning, navigation, short message communication, time service and other functions. BeiDou SBAS building will not only enhance performance of BeiDou Constellation, but also improve accuracy and integrity of GPS and other constellations. The system will further improve the capability of satellite navigation system used for civil aviation operation in China and neighboring areas after its construction as planned, and provide effective support for the navigation for transport and general aviation in China, laying a technical foundation that is safer and more efficient for the all-round implementation of operations of PBN and ADS-B.

In order to benchmark BDS against international standards, CAAC established the Civil Aviation Research Working Group on BeiDou SBAS Application in 2016, and has actively participated in BDS building as one of the major users. With the joint efforts of CAAC and China Satellite Navigation Office, BeiDou SBAS was accepted by ICAO as a provider of satellite-based augmentation service in 2017.