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Flight Inspections Successfully Concluded at Beijing Daxing International Airport07/03/2019

At 10:20 am on February 24, a Cessna 680 inspection aircraft landed smoothly at Beijing Daxing International Airport. This marks that the flight inspection of Beijing Daxing International Airport, which lasted for 34 days, and 112 flight hours, concluded successfully 19 days ahead of schedule. The successful inspection means that flight procedures and navigation equipment of Daxing International Airport are qualified to enable flight operations, that the airport can apply for test flying of flight simulators and aircraft, and that Daxing International Airport has stridden a solid step towards the goal of becoming the first airport qualified for CAT III operations and HUD low-visibility take off once put into practice.

It is known that successful flight inspection is a pre-requisite for all new airports to be put into use, and it is also a test of the early stage construction of airports. This flight inspection since January 22, aimed to inspect the airport for its qualification of being put into operation, obtained all the technical specification and information of the airport's communication, navigation, monitoring and other devices. The entire inspection covered 4 runways, 7 instrument landing systems, 7 lighting systems, 1 set of VOR and DME and flight procedures.