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Chinese Civil Aviation Completes Certification and Testing of GBAS Ground Equipment08/05/2019

Recently CAAC has successfully completed certification and testing of two types of GBAS ground equipment produced by Honeywell and China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, marking that the new technology of Satellite Navigation Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS)has made gradual achievements in obtaining license and certification.

For the purpose of promoting active and steady validation and application of this technology in Chinese civil aviation, CAAC has established the GBAS License, Certification and Operational Validation Committee in 2015 to guide and deliberate formulation of relevant certification, testing and validation programs as well as to carry out relevant work. GBAS equipment shall first complete certification and flight validation before gaining license in China. Among the whole process, GBAS certification was the most fundamental and technical part that took about four years, and involved certification of technical material, factory technique, testing of equipment types and so on. It is worth mentioning that since it was the first time for domestic GBAS equipment to undergo certification for worldwide operation, CAAC has established a working group and added an eight-month special design review for domestic GBAS equipment in addition to the aforementioned certification process, so as to make sure the certification process is complete, strict and reliable .

According to the follow-up arrangement of the Committee, flight validation of relevant facilities will be carried out and license can thus be issued once the validation is passed, which will enable formal application of the technology to provide navigation service for Chinese civil aviation.