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Chinese Civil Aviation Carries out Validation Flight of Domestic GBAS Equipment for the First Time08/05/2019

"AirBus AIB099A can land", following the instruction given by air traffic controller in the tower, the first validation flight of domestic GBAS equipment that lasted for one hour and 40 minutes was successfully completed at Tianjin Binhai International Airport at dawn on April 9.

The validation flight has successfully completed two precision approaches on each of the 16L and 34R directions on the east runway of Tianjin Binhai International Airport, and further validated the signal performance of GBAS ground equipment, consistency of airborne and ground equipment, signal quality in different weather conditions and under ionospheric activities, ensuring that the equipment can provide sustainable and steady navigation service. The validation result shows that domestic GBAS equipment is capable of providing navigation service for aircraft precision approach, and it has accumulated valuable experience for GLS operation in China.

It is reported that CAAC will organize the second validation flight of domestic GBAS equipment in July this year.