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United States Ambassador to China Terry Branstad Leads US Enterprises to Visit Beijing Daxing International Airport09/05/2019

On April 22 2019, United States Ambassador to China Terry Branstad led representatives of more than a dozen American enterprises to visit Beijing Daxing International Airport. Officials from relevant departments of CAAC and the United States Embassy were also present during the visit.

Ambassador Branstad expressed that he is pleased to visit this major construction project of Beijing Daxing International Airport, and congratulated on its approaching completion. He said that he is looking forward to its coming into operation and to travelling from this airport. The fast growing Chinese civil aviation industry has drawn the attention of the world and its safety operation has been admirable. FAA has worked closely with CAAC and enterprises from the two sides have made joint efforts to promote cooperation across the entire spectrum of the civil aviation industry, which has become a bright spot in US-China bilateral relationship. In the future, the United States is willing to play, as usual, an active role in Chinese civil aviation development.

Representatives from US enterprises have all stated that they will attach great importance to the Chinese civil aviation market. Most of the companies have been doing businesses in China for a long time, and have carried out in-depth cooperation with Chinese partners in fields such as air transport service, and product and equipment supply. These companies are willing to provide better civil aviation products and services to the Chinese market.

The head of the construction headquarter of Beijing Daxing International Airport briefed Ambassador Branstad on the current development and planning objectives of the Airport. He said that during the construction process, China and United States companies have extensive and in-depth cooperation, and that the Airport welcomes long-term, friendly and win-win cooperation opportunities with US airlines and companies. It is known that American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have planned to launch flights to the United States from Beijing Daxing International Airport, and some US cargo airlines are also in close contact with the Airport.