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2019 China-EU Drones Workshop Held in Beijing21/06/2019

From May 28 to 30, 2019 China-EU Drones Workshop, jointly hosted by CAAC, EASA and the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP), was held in Beijing.

The workshop focused on low-space integrated supervision and included such topics as the operation rules on drones in China and EU, the developments of U-space in Europe and the Chinese equivalent UAS Operation Management System (UOM), the contribution of drones to urban air mobility (UAM) and the development of smart cities. Participants conducted in-depth discussions on relevant issues through keynote speeches, thematic presentations and interaction.

At present, there are three main drones management systems around the world, which are the UTM led by the United States, the U-space management by Europe and the UOM by China. China is taking the lead in designing, manufacturing and application of drones. By now, drones have been widely used in many fields including logistics, cargo transport, agriculture and forestry, plants protection, aerial photography, pipeline inspection as well as remote sensing detection. According to the ID-based registering system for civil drones, by the end of January 2019, there have been 295 000 registered drones owned by 268 000 persons and 1 239 registered drones manufacturers and agents in China.