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The First China Regional Aviation Development Summit Held13/01/2022

In order to further promote the development of regional air transport, regional airports and regional aircraft, and improve coordinated regional development and revitalization of rural areas, on October 14, the First China Regional Aviation Development Summit, sponsored by the China Air Transport Association and the Municipal Government of Ordos, was held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Lyu Erxue, Deputy Administrator of CAAC, attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech.

Over 300 heads and experts from governments at all levels, aviation enterprises, airports, aircraft manufacturers, research institutes and industry associations attended the summit.

Ai Lihua, Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Wang Changshun, Chairman of China Air Transport Association, Zhao Yuerang, General Manager of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, and heads of the Infrastructure Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ordos Government delivered speeches at the summit.