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CAAC Grants Type Certificate to the Z15 (AC352) Helicopter03/08/2022

A flying Z15 (AC352) helicopter

On July 26, in Harbin, CAAC granted type certificate to the Z15 (AC352) helicopter, an advanced, medium-sized and multi-purpose civil helicopter produced by AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. The latest move marked the successful completion of the development of the Z15, paving the way for its entry into the domestic civil aviation market. It is China’s first homegrown, medium-sized helicopter model for civil use. Wang Yixin, member of the Standing Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the CPC and Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province, Yin Shijun, CAAC chief engineer, Li Qingtang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Leading Group of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China Ltd., and Liu Xinyan, Deputy Director-general of the Second Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the ceremony.

CAAC grants type certificate to the Z15 (AC352) helicopter developed by AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd.

The Z15 (AC352) was developed by AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd., under a cooperation program between AVIC and Airbus Helicopters. It is China’s first helicopter developed, tested and verified under the requirements of the country's newly-revised Airworthiness Regulation of Transport Category Rotorcraft (CCAR-29-R2). The helicopter, with a maximum take-off weight of 7.5 tons and a maximum range of 850 km, is powered by the WZ16 engine jointly developed by the Aero Engine Corporation of China and Safran Helicopter Engines, and can carry 14-16 passengers.

The Z15 integrates various technologies, such as a 4-axis digital automatic flight control system, a glass cockpit, highly integrated avionics, spheriflex hub with 5 rotors and an anti-crash airframe, making the service life of its rotor system and airframe reach 20 000 hours, and the overhaul interval of its transmission system and engine extend as high as 5 000 hours. In addition, the helicopter has remarkable features, including high safety, strong reliability, large internal space, good comfort, long flying range, and high economy, and can be used in a wide range of roles, such as commuter transport to/from offshore oil/gas platforms, maritime search and rescue, general aviation, medical rescue, emergency rescue, and public security.