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Measures for Resuming International Passenger Flights30/12/2022

(English Translation for Reference)

Measures for Resuming International Passenger Flights

(Issued by CAAC on December 28, 2022)


To All Airlines

In accordance with the Notice on the Overall Plan of Managing Novel Coronavirus Infection with Measures Against Class B Infectious Diseases (Joint Mechanism ZF [2022] No.144) and the Notice on Provisional Measures of Cross-border Travel issued respectively by the General Group and the Foreign Affairs Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council in Response to COVID-19 Infection as well as CAAC’s Work Plan of the Resumption of International Passenger Flights, and to coordinate efforts in implementing COVID-19 prevention and control measures, ensuring operational safety and pursuing industry-wide recovery and development, and facilitate international personnel exchanges, the arrangements for the resumption of international passenger flights are made as follows:

1. Starting January 8, 2023, adjustment and control measures such as the “five-ones policy” and the “country-specific policy” will no longer be implemented on international passenger flights, and both Chinese and foreign airlines could operate their scheduled international passenger flights as per the arrangements in the existing bilateral Air Services Agreements.

2. Starting January 8, 2023, Chinese and foreign airlines holding appropriate operating permits for international passenger flights could apply for the resumption of the operations which have been approved for the IATA NW19.

3. Starting January 8, 2023, the review of applications of Chinese and foreign airlines for new routes or increasing frequencies of international passenger flights starting the IATA NS23 will be resumed.

4. Starting the IATA NS23, Chinese and foreign airlines could apply for international passenger charter flights (non-scheduled) in accordance with the existing charter regulations. With an aim to encourage Chinese and foreign airlines to resume scheduled flights at the earliest possible date, commercial passenger charters in the current season will not be approved unless the charters are confirmed by a provincial or ministerial level entity (or other authorized entity) by means of a letter.

5. The temporary operating permits issued to Chinese airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic will become invalid starting the IATA NS23. If such an airline plans to continue the operation, it could resubmit applications for operating permits in accordance with the current related regulations.

6. The operating permits issued to foreign airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic will remain valid, and such airlines could continue the operations following the prescribed procedures.

7. Chinese and foreign airlines shall go through supplemental operation certifications in a timely manner based on the approved IATA NW19 schedules to ensure the validity of relevant operations specifications.

8. Chinese and foreign airlines could resume their pre-COVID-19 flights using the historical slots based on the principle of reciprocity. In principle, no additional slots for passenger flights will be offered for the IATA NS23, and the assessment mechanism of the implementation rate of slots for international flights will be resumed as deemed necessary during the Season.

9. Starting January 8, 2023, the review of applications for landing permit for business jet to China will be resumed.

10. Airports in China are optimizing service procedures for international flights to improve handling capability. However, some cities may still experience capacity limitations or make differentiated arrangement with respect to entry quarantine for medical observation. Chinese and foreign airlines are advised to communicate in advance with relevant airports to make proper operational arrangement so as to ensure a stable and orderly resumption of international passenger flights.

Applications that have been accepted prior to the issuance of this Notice shall be further processed following the prescribed procedures. Some of the policies and measures issued by CAAC during the pandemic will be annulled starting January 8, 2023. Please refer to the appendix for details.



List of Documents Annulled


1. Notice on Adjusting International Passenger Flights (CAAC Issued [2020] No. 27) issued on June 4, 2020.

2. Notice on Issuing the Procedures for Managing the Allocation of Traffic Rights Resources for International Passenger Flights during the COVID-19 Period (CAAC Issued [2020] No. 41).

3. Notice on Transferring International (Regional) Flights from Beijing Daxing International Airport to the Beijing Capital International Airport (CAAC Telegram [2020] No. 623).

4. Notice on the Implementing the Requirements for the Completion by Chinese Passengers of Health Declaration Form (CAAC Telegram [2020] No. 831).

5. Notice on Further Clarification of Issues Relating the International Air Ticket Sales during COVID-19 (CAAC Telegram [2020] No. 916).

6. Notice on Flight Scheduling and Making Air Tickets Pre-sale Arrangements for International Passenger Flights during COVID-19 Prevention and Control Period (CAAC Telegram [2020] No. 1142).

7. Notice on Requiring Passengers on China-bound Flights to Provide Negative COVID-19 Test Results before Boarding (CAAC Telegram [2020] No. 1835).

8. Notice on Further Implementing Remote COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures for Passengers on China-bound Flights (CAAC Telegram [2020] No. 2641).

9. Provisional Rules for the Allocation of the Increased International Passenger Flights during the Regular COVID-19 Prevention and Control Period (CAAC Telegram [2022] No. 2130).

10. Notice on Further Optimizing the Working Procedures for Increasing International Passenger Flights (CAAC Telegram [2022] No. 2713).