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Feng Zhenglin Visits China Aerospace Services and Technology Corporation for Inspection10/10/2017

On September 21, CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin made an inspection trip to China Aerospace Services and Technology Corporation (the Corporation) and held talks with President Lei Fanpei of the Corporation. Feng Zhenglin indicated that new technologies represent important support for the safe and efficient operation of civil aviation, wished CAAC and the Corporation enhance cooperation in the application of Beidou satellite and domestic communication satellite in civil aviation and aircraft tracking system building, taking advantages of each other, promoting each other mutually, striving for long time cooperation, mutual beneficial and win-win outcome. CAAC Chief Engineer Yin Shijun and Chief Engineer Wu Jinfeng signed strategic cooperation agreement (the agreement) on behalf of CAAC and China Aerospace Services and Technology Corporation respectively.

Feng Zhenglin and his associates visited the R&D sites for Beijing navigation satellite, communication satellite, manned spacecraft and lunar exploration projects, learned the detailed plan of satellite services in civil aviation sector. Feng Zhenglin said that the 13th Five-Year period represented a critical period for the civil aviation industry to develop itself into a strong one, and there are 8 basic features of a country with a strong civil aviation industry. The most important one is the capabilities in dominant rights and say in the development of international civil aviation rules, and the innovative capability in leading the development of international civil aviation industry. CAAC will realize the transformation from a follower into a leader in international civil aviation, from a participant into a dominator in international civil aviation rule making. The application of civil aviation new technologies constitutes an important support and guarantee, which is also a key area of work for CAAC.

Feng Zhenglin indicated that CAAC will earnestly act upon President Xi’s important instructions of “building one system and improving three kinds of capabilities”, prioritize the application of new technologies as something has a bearing on the efforts of building China into a strong civil aviation country, and vigorously promote safe and scientific development of civil aviation. A good momentum is formed in which safety and benefits are achieved through new technologies, and certain effects are gained in the satellite navigation, surveillance, satellite communication and aircraft tracking etc. Currently, CAAC and the Corporation have reached a series of consensus in the application of Beidou satellite navigation system, satellite based ADS-B and satellite technologies. Feng wished that both sides effectively promote the major and important projects development which are of strategic guidance significance including Beidou satellite navigation system, severing the reliance and restriction of foreign systems. Efforts should be intensified in R&D to promote the translation of scientific and technological achievements into reality, promote the development of technologies and standards with our own IPRs so as to help the go-global strategy of Chinese standards, products and services.

Lei Fanpei welcomed Feng Zhenglin’s visit to the Corporation, and indicated that the Corporation will further reinforce the cooperation with CAAC, in which it will follow the principle of self-innovation, underscoring the integration civil and military technologies and fully market orientation in order to make due contribution to the modernization of civil aviation management in China.

The agreement clarified that CAAC and the Corporation will jointly promote the application of Beidou navigation system in civil aviation, accelerate the satellite based ADS-B system building, and promote the cooperation in the application of satellite communication in civil aviation, aircraft tracking and emergency response etc.