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Feng Zhenglin Makes a Fact-finding Trip to Qinghai06/11/2017

Feng Zhenglin reads key safety post manual of Xining Airport.

Feng Zhenglin shakes hands with firefighters of Xining Airport Firefighting Brigade.

From September 25 to 26, CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin led an inspection team to Qinghai Province for a fact-finding tip on civil aviation operation safety. During the inspection, Feng Zhenglin instructed that civil aviation units in Qinghai should firmly establish safety bottom line, constantly improve capabilities of operation support, and further accelerate civil aviation infrastructure construction, so as to promote comprehensive development of the civil aviation industry in Qinghai.

The inspection team went to Xining Airport, Qinghai Air Traffic Management Sub-bureau, and China National Aviation Fuel Qinghai Branch respectively to investigate situations of operation safety and visit frontline officials and staff. Feng Zhenglin highly recognized the achievements of Qinghai civil aviation industry in safety, development, service and construction and the significant contributions it has made to local socio-economic growth. He stressed that safety work should be implemented in a strict, detailed and concrete manner, more efforts should be made in “three foundations”, management of frontline teams and groups and that the safety bottom line of Qinghai civil aviation is safeguarded and ensured. Besides, additional focus should be put on airport function positioning, constriction of Xining Airport Phase III Project be accelerated and endeavors be made to build Xining Airport into one that is “safe, green, smart and rich in humanistic elements”. In addition, civil aviation support efficiency and operation performance should be constantly improved, and ATM units should balance and coordinate operation standards with their safety margin and operation efficiency in a scientific way, and reduce separation of flights under the prerequisite of ensuring safety so as to make full, good and flexible use of the limited airspace, and operation emergency and rescue commanding center should base themselves on well utilizing the three operation management systems including safety-related information reporting system, to well implement flight regularity and safety control work, with an aim to further improve and ensure flight regularity rate.

During the inspection, Feng Zhenglin and his associates made a special trip to Yushu Airport, at which they visited the terminal, security screening department and luggage sorting department, learned about the airport’s passenger traffic and airport service support work, and listened to the construction plans for Yushu Airport Phase II Project. Feng Zhenglin pointed out that the orderly disaster relief work and unprecedentedly large-scale recovery construction at Yushu Airport has fully demonstrated the great superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. Yushu Airport played a significant role in the earthquake relief work at Yushu, creating a miracle in the civil aviation emergency rescue history by realizing successful safety support at high-altitude airport, which made it a veritable “hero airport”. All leaders and staff have shown good spirit in earthquake relief and post-disaster construction work, well demonstrating the contemporary civil aviation spirit of “political loyalty, professional rigorousness, collaborative and coordinative working style and dedicative work ethics”. Feng encouraged leaders and staff of Yushu Airport to base their career at high plateau, and continue the good work of making even bigger contributions to the development of civil aviation and local socio-economy at Qinghai.

During his stay in Qinghai, Feng Zhenglin also inspected post-disaster construction work at Yushu, and had talks with Wu Dejun, Party Secretary of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where they carried out exchanges on local economic and social development, post-disaster construction and the significant role of civil aviation industry therein.