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Feng Zhenglin Pays an Inspection Visit to the Construction Site of Beijing New Airport and Greets the Frontline Construction Workers04/05/2018

Feng Zhenglin Shakes Hands with the Construction Workers

Early in the morning of April 29, the first day of the May Day holiday, CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin, accompanied by CAAC Deputy Administrator Dong Zhiyi, paid an inspection visit to the construction site of the Beijing New Airport, where he met and sent holiday greetings to the front-line construction workers still working during the holiday break.

Feng Zhenglin paid successive inspection visits to the core area of the Beijing New Airport Terminal Building, the Northeast corridor, the Comprehensive Service Building, the Information Management and Monitoring Center and other construction sites, to get first-hand information on the progress of construction and the difficulties and problems facing the project.

Feng Zhenglin and Dong Zhiyi also sent kind regards to the front-line workers engaged in the construction of the Beijing New Airport. They shook hands with everyone present and asked with concern about the living conditions on the construction site. They also thanked the workers for giving up opportunities for reuniting with their families during the holiday break, extended on behalf of CAAC Party Group holiday greetings to them, and encouraged them to further carry forward their hard-working spirit in the next phase of construction, live up to their mission and make consistent efforts, for the smooth execution of a construction project which meets quality and quantity requirements.

This year, the Beijing New Airport Construction Command Center was awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal, and relevant construction units have also won corresponding recognition from the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. At present, interior decoration and electromechanical equipment installation are underway at the Beijing New Airport terminal building; 92% of the earthwork for the movement area and 42% of the pavement construction work have been completed; construction of the information center building is making steady progress while construction of various information systems is under full swing; construction of municipal facilities are undergoing at the airport, with construction of outbound viaduct structure already having been completed; construction of air traffic control and fuel supply facilities, airline bases and other supporting facilities have all kicked off one after another.