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CAAC and COMAC Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Personnel Training21/06/2019

On May 28, CAAC and COMAC signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Personnel Training in Beijing. Feng Zhenglin, Administrator of CAAC, and He Dongfeng, Chairman of COMAC, took part in the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Dong Zhiyi, Deputy Administrator of CAAC, and Tan Wangeng, a board member of COMAC, signed the agreement.

According to the agreement, CAAC and COMAC will jointly carry out publicity and education campaign, personnel training and base building to cultivate highly-competent and specialized personnel in the designing and developing, manufacturing, test flight and operational supporting of domestic commercial aircraft, enhance public understanding of the national strategy on large passenger aircraft, major special projects involving large aircraft, as well as the law and current development of the commercial aircraft industry, so as to make people from all walks of life comprehend, use and embrace domestic commercial aircraft and promote the successful operation of domestic commercial aircraft.