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Beijing Daxing International Airport Holds the Second Full-Scale Test Run Before Its Coming into Operation02/09/2019

At 17:00 on August 2, with the announcement of Deputy Administrator of CAAC Li Jian saying that the second full-scale test run of Beijing Daxing International Airport starts officially, the passenger procedures simulation in the terminal was officially kicked off. After having fixed the detected problems in the first test run, the second test run aims to further test the supporting capability of operation during night time. The size of the second test run is twice as much as the first one, including 44 international and domestic flights carrying 2,456 passengers with 2,000 baggage.

This test run involved areas such as the terminal corridor in the southwest, southeast and central-south, four runways, 192 check-in counters, 19 boarding gates, 22 security checkpoints, 12 carousels for distributing departing baggage, and 16 baggage pick-up carousels. During the test run, simulated passengers have tested departure procedures such as check-in, customs declaration, border control and boarding, etc., as well as arrival procedures such as customs and quarantine inspection, border control, baggage claim and customs inspection. This was also the first time that customs, border control and other joint inspection entities have participated in the full-scale test run of Daxing Airport.

This test run covered a total of 116 items in 8 main procedures and 36 sub-procedures. Compared with the first test run, the second one added procedures such as international departure and arrival, and emergency response in case of departure and aviation display system failure. At the same time, the test run was the only one carried out during the night out of the six tests. For this test particularly, Beijing Daxing International Airport has ensured the lighting in the test area, and installed ahead of time the reflective and illuminating signs of roads, bridges, parking buildings, nearby parking lots, and highways in the surrounding areas of the airport, so as to make sure that traffic in the night test can be safe and well-aligned.

It is reported that Beijing Daxing International Airport will conduct another four test runs before it is put into operation. The third and fourth test run will cover the whole area and transfer procedures. The fifth one will run a stress test for the entire process. The last one will focus on testing the effect of rectification in the first five drills as well as personnel familiarity.