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Song Zhiyong Greets Front-line Civil Aviation Staff During the Chinese New Year30/01/2023

Song Zhiyong, Administrator of CAAC, came to Beijing Daxing International Airport to greet the front-line industry staff who stayed at their posts during the Spring Festival, and sent festival wishes to them on January 22, the first day of Chinese New Year, when people were enjoying the festival happiness.

Song greets aircrew of China Southern Airlines.

Song and the staff of China Eastern Airlines

Song Zhiyong visited the aircrew of China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines respectively. Song shook hands with them one by one, gave flowers, and took photos with them in the cabin. “Happy Chinese New Year and thank you for your hard work”, said Song, expressing his appreciation for their efforts throughout the year and paying tribute to their dedication to work during the Chinese New Year. Song indicated that 2022 was truly a remarkable year and that the entire industry strictly followed the requirements of the Party Central Committee, earnestly implemented the requirements of “preventing the spread of COVID-19 while stabilizing economy and ensuring safe development”, and overcame difficulties with solidarity and commitment, making progress in various aspects and stabilizing the basis for the industry development. In 2023, the entire industry needs to learn and act upon the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, strictly implement major decisions and arrangements made by the Congress, learn and implement the instructions made by President Xi Jinping in an in-depth manner, firmly safeguard the bottom line of safety, intensify efforts in building world-class enterprises, focus on a new development stage, new development philosophy, new development pattern and high-quality development, and make concrete efforts in promoting high-quality development of the civil aviation industry. Song kindly asked the captain about his career and asked the chief flight attendants about the number of passengers of that day. Song also encouraged everyone to make further efforts and progress in the new year. The crew members were inspired, making commitments that they would strive to secure each flight and ensure the safety of passengers.

Song greets staff on duty at the west control tower of Beijing Daxing International Airport.

At the west control tower of Beijing Daxing International Airport, Song inquired about the support for flights during the Chinese New Year in detail and sent greetings to the controllers on duty. Song said that air traffic control (ATC) is critical for ensuring flight safety. Over the past year, the ATC departments have earnestly discharged the responsibilities and made great progress in safety, service, reform, and COVID-19 prevention and control, providing a strong support for the safe and orderly operation of flights. In the new year, air traffic controllers are expected to further enhance political awareness, follow the decisions and arrangements made by the Party Central Committee, adhere to the principle of “prioritizing stability and pursuing progress while maintaining stability”, put safety first, deepen reform, and improve efficiency in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of each flight.

Song greets the ground handling staff at Beijing Daxing International Airport.

During his visit to the ground staff at Beijing Daxing International Airport, Song said that the Spring Festival was supposed to be a moment for family reunion, while the ground handling staff have been staying at the front line to ensure the safe and smooth travel of passengers. The staff are expected to continue to fulfill their duties, work together to safeguard the bottom line of safety, strive to improve service quality, and contribute the strength of civil aviation to the development of Chinese path to modernization and the development of a strong transport network.

Song greets the security screening staff at Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Song greets the airport ambassadors.

Song greets the armed police and public security personnel stationed at Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Song also greeted the security screening staff, ambassadors, armed police and public security personnel at the airport, extended gratitude to them for their hard work in ensuring the safe development of civil aviation, and wished everyone good health and happiness, a successful career as well as good luck in the Year of Rabbit. With warm greetings, the civil aviation staff felt encouraged, saying that they would continue to work hard and take on responsibilities, perform their duties as always, and contribute to the development of civil aviation and thus to the building of a strong transport network for the country.