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Department of Policy, Law and Regulation17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Organize and coordinate the research on the guideline, policies and major issues concerning the development of the civil aviation industry, make policies and recommendations, and draft comprehensive policies for the development of the civil aviation industry.

2. Responsible for legislation concerning the civil aviation industry, and draft the bills on the enactment, amendment and annulment of civil aviation-related laws, provisions, regulations.

3. Conduct and direct administrative law enforcement by civil aviation administrative agencies, supervise administrative law enforcement, and handle administrative reconsideration, response to administrative charges, and response to civil complaints.

4. Responsible for basic legal training, examination and certificate management for civil aviation inspectors.

5. Responsible for legal research and information collection in the civil aviation industry. Direct the legal work of civil aviation enterprises and institutions.

6. Responsible for legal consultancy and legal affairs for CAAC.

7. Responsible for dealing with international legal affairs concerning civil aviation, organize and send delegations to international legal meetings on civil aviation, research, negotiate, sign and submit international civil aviation conventions, treaties, and agreements, and conduct foreign exchange on legal affairs.

8. Responsible for WTO-related work of civil aviation authorities.

9. Register, change, and cancel the ownership, pledge, tenure, and lien of civil aircraft, and manage the registry for international interests of civil aircraft.

10. Responsible for the institutional reform of the civil aviation industry, and the management of civil aviation industry associations and organizations.

11. Review and approve the consolidation, merger, restructuring, and the corporate reengineering and financing of civil aviation enterprises and airports, handle complaints about unfair competition from civil aviation enterprises and airports, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of civil aviation enterprises, airports and the public.

12. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.