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Department of Personnel, Science & Technology and Education17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Draft specifications governing the work of directly affiliated entities concerning personnel, labor, education, and science & technology, and oversee the implementation.

2. Handle the performance examination, appointment and removal, exchange, training, compensation, reward and punishment, and retirement of the executives managed by the Party Leadership Group of CAAC. Build the backup pool of personnel for the leadership of entities managed by CAAC.

3. Handle the examination and recruitment, performance examination, appointment and removal, training, exchange, compensation, reward and punishment, retirement, resignation, and dismissal of civil servants at CAAC departments. Oversee the CAAC regional administrative agencies’ implementation of the national civil servants system. Select and dispatch the staff for missions overseas managed by CAAC.

4. Manage the authorized strength of civil aviation administrative agencies and public institutions; undertake the examination and submission for approval of the establishment, cancellation, and change of such agencies and institutions.

5. Responsible for drafting the professional criteria for special types of civil aviation work, and conducting professional skills certification of the civil aviation industry. Introduce the employment qualification system for special types of civil aviation work, and conduct supervision and inspection. Draft the standards for work and personnel quota for the civil aviation industry.

6. Manage special post allowance for the skilled professional personnel and managerial personnel of CAAC administrative agencies and public institutions. Manage the overall salary quantum of directly affiliated enterprises and public institutions operated as a corporation.

7. Direct the development of civil aviation human resources. Responsible for certification of qualifications for appointment to major skilled professional posts in civil aviation. Select and manage civil aviation expert groups.

8. Oversee the education offered by directly affiliated colleges and schools; develop and implement the development plan for civil aviation colleges and schools; formulate the annual enrolment plan for directly affiliated colleges and schools.

9. Direct civil aviation training programs; submit for approval overseas training programs of directly affiliated entities. Coordinate the introduction of foreign brains.

10. Manage the development of science and technology by the industry; develop and implement the civil aviation science and technology development plan and the annual science and technology projects plan; oversee the research and application of major science and technology projects; direct the certification of civil aviation-related scientific and technological research findings and academic exchange; direct the rewarding and commercialization of civil aviation-related scientific and technological research findings; and manage cooperation projects in civil aviation-related science and technology.

11. Direct the information technology-related work of the industry; make the information technology development plan for the civil aviation industry; responsible for drafting the regulations and rules governing the development of the IT system; coordinate and facilitate the development of the IT system for civil aviation; direct and coordinate the development of civil aviation e-commerce; oversee and inspect the civil aviation network and information security.

12. Coordinate and direct the installation and accommodation of demobilized military officers by directly affiliated entities. Undertake the transfer and installation of other personnel of all types.

13. Undertake the statistical work concerning personnel, salary, and authorized strength for directly affiliated entities, as well as science and technology, and education of the industry.

14. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.