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Department of Flight Standard17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Draft and oversee the implementation of laws, regulations, policies, standards, procedures, and technical specifications governing civil aviation-related flight operations, aircraft maintenance, and aviation hygiene and sanitation.

2. Conduct the operation certification and continuous oversight and examination of civil aviation operators; manage the issue, modification and revocation of operation certificates and operation specifications for civil aviation operators.

3. Manage the continuous airworthiness of civil aircraft.

4. Manage the flight performance of civil aircraft; develop, promote and apply the operations standards for new navigation technologies.

5. Oversee and manage aviation hygiene support, medical certification of airmen, airport emergency medical aid, and aviation hygiene and disease prevention. Direct medical research on civil aviation.

6. Conduct the certification and continuous oversight and inspection of civil aircraft maintenance service providers; responsible for the issue, modification and revocation of licenses for maintenance service providers.

7. Responsible for the issue, modification and revocation of certificates for training institutions of civil aviation airmen, attendants, flight dispatchers, and maintenance personnel. Organize and direct the certification of training equipment for airmen.

8. Manage the qualification of civil aviation airmen, flight dispatchers, and maintenance personnel; undertake the examination of these personnel, and the issue and revocation of their licenses.

9. Manage designation of flight standard representative organizations and individuals, flight standard inspectors, and CAAC representatives; conduct professional training and examination of these personnel, and oversee and examine their work.

10. Manage the medical certificate for airmen.

11. Examine and approve the flight procedure and minimum operational performance standards.

12. Responsible for operation evaluation in aircraft type certification.

13. Engage in investigations of civil aircraft accidents.

14. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.