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Department of Aircraft Airworthiness Certification17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Draft laws, regulations, policies, and standards governing the management of airworthiness certification for civil aircraft nationality registration, civil aviation products (including aircraft, engines, and propellers, the same as below) and aviation materials, parts and components, airborne equipment, civil jet fuel, and chemical products, as well as those concerning environmental protection, and oversee the implementation.

2. Responsible for type certification and supplemental type certification, type validation, and supplemental type validation of civil aviation products. Oversee work of the Type Certification Board (TCB). Review and approve the civil aircraft flight manual (AFM).

3. Responsible for production certification of civil aviation products. Oversee the production of foreign civil aviation products by domestic manufacturers subject to the agreement between CAAC and foreign airworthiness authorities.

4. Responsible for type and production certification, and airworthiness certification of aviation materials, parts and components, and airborne equipment. Responsible for certification of civil aircraft modifications, and engineering review and approval of major special overhaul programs and programs for maintenance beyond manual limits.

5. Responsible for engineering evaluation of repetitive and recurrent failures of civil aircraft; award airworthiness directives for civil aviation products and parts.

6. Responsible for certification of civil aircraft noise and engine exhaust.

7. Responsible for single-aircraft airworthiness certification of civil aviation products and parts.

8. Examine and manage the designation of airworthiness certification representative individuals and organizations.

9. Responsible for airworthiness certification of civil jet fuel and civil aviation chemical products.

10. Responsible for nationality registration of civil aircraft.

11. Engage in investigations of civil aircraft accidents.

12. Responsible for work concerning standardization and metering in civil aviation.

13. Undertake other tasks assigned by CAAC executives.