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National Civil Aviation Trade Union17/02/2016

Main functions:

1. Support and lead implementation by all civil aviation trade unions of the Party’s lines, principles, and policies, as well as the tasks and decisions identified by the National Committee and Standing Committee of China Civil Aviation Trade Union.

2. Engage in development of policies, measures, and mechanisms concerning labor relations and employee interests. Conduct survey and research of major issues on employees’ legitimate rights and interests. Responsible for oversight and inspection of labor protection, and engage in investigation and handling of serious accidents involving employee injuries and deaths. Protect legitimate rights and interests of employees by the law.

3. Direct civil aviation enterprises and public institutions to establish and improve the workers and staff congress mechanism, and promote transparency in factory affairs; promote democratic election, democratic decision-making, democratic participation, democratic administration, and democratic oversight at civil aviation enterprises and public institutions; direct civil aviation enterprises and public institutions to conduct and refine collective negotiation and signing of collective contracts.

4. Direct civil aviation trade unions at various levels to hold contests on work safety, productivity, and skills, as well as events to solicit constructive recommendations from workers. Responsible for selection and recognition of outstanding units and individuals hosted by CAAC and All-China Federation of Trade Unions, as well as recuperative activities for model workers.

5. Organize and conduct the “Send Warmth” project. Protect the rights and interests of employees to be covered by old-age insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance by the law.

6. Establish and improve the institutions of civil aviation trade unions at various levels; assist in the management of trade union staff; oversee and direct general election for trade unions under jurisdiction. Oversee and direct education and training for staff of all civil aviation trade unions.

7. Responsible for trade union publicity and education, as well as recreational and sports events for employees; direct grass-roots trade unions to conduct staff quality development projects, and nurture a staff with hopes, ethics, culture, and discipline.

8. Direct the work of the Committee for Female Workers; protect the legitimate rights and interests, and special interests of female workers. Support the enterprise of female workers.

9. Oversee and direct the management, review, and audit of funds and assets of trade unions.

10. Conduct friendly exchanges with international civil aviation trade unions and civil aviation employees from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao regions.

11. Undertake other tasks assigned by executives of CAAC and All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

Trade Union for CAAC Agencies

Responsible for work of Trade Union for CAAC Agencies.