• Wang Zhiqing

    Deputy Administrator

    Member of CPC Group, CAAC

    Wang Zhiqing
    Wang Zhiqing, male, of Han nationality, was born in March 1966 in Tianjin.

    In May 1987, Wang joined CPC. He received his Bachelor degree in Engineering from the Department of Highways and Traffic Engineering, Tongji University, majoring in Highways and Urban Roads; and his PhD degree in Management Science from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics majoring in Management Science and Engineering.

    In July 1988, Wang began work at the Airport Administration Division, Beijing Capital Airport, having served as a member and deputy leader of the Airport Field Service Group.

    In June 1992, Wang became a staff member, and Deputy Director, Division of Investment Planning, Department of Planning, CAAC; he then served as an assistant consultant at the Administrator's Office, General Office; Director, Division of Investment, Department of Planning, Science and Technology; and as Director, Division of Infrastructure Development, Department of Planning, Development and Finance.

    In September 2004, Wang was appointed Deputy Director-General, Department of Planning, Development and Finance, and then Deputy Director-General, Department of Planning and Development, CAAC.

    In November 2008, Wang became Director, General Office of CAAC, and then Director-General, Department of General Affairs, CAAC (Director-General level).

    In August 2010, Wang was appointed Party Committee Secretary and Deputy Director General, and then Director General and Deputy Party Committee Secretary, CAAC Northwest Regional Administration.

    In March 2014, Wang was appointed Deputy Administrator of CAAC, and a member of the CPC Leadership Group.