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Wang Zhiqing Inspects Key ATM Projects14/11/2017

On September 28, CAAC Deputy Administrator Wang Zhiqing visited the construction sites of Beijing Regional Control & Civil Aviation Operation Management Center, Meteorological Center and Information Management Center, inspected key ATM projects, and extended greetings to the frontline workers. He highlighted that the three centers represent an important support for the new generation of ATM system, and the ATM project for Beijing New Airport is an integral part in building the new airport. Civil aviation ATM system shall enhance their sense of urgency and responsibility, accelerate infrastructure construction, strengthen ATM support capability, and meet the industry’s needs for sustainable and healthy development, steady and safe operation, and improvement of service quality.

During his tour, Wang Zhiqing required that ATM entities shall meet the following four requirements. Firstly, they shall live up to their missions by focusing on breaking through the bottleneck for industry development and speeding up the construction of ATM projects. Secondly, they shall mobilize the entire industry to further improve its management system, build a strong ATM team and practically improve project construction and management. Thirdly, they shall be bold in innovation by taking the project of the three centers as an opportunity to explore modern ATM mechanism, establish a new generation of civil aviation operation and management system and advance the transformation and upgrading of civil aviation operation mode. Fourthly, they shall strive for perfection by carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and build the project into a high-grade, exemplary, safe and clean one.

The project of the three centers was launched on September 26, and is expected to be accomplished and put into operation in September of 2020. By then, an ATM central operation & management system will be established with traffic management system as its core and with highly integrated meteorological and intelligence information. Based on information sharing between airlines, airports and the military, a world-class ATM operational service & management system will be built with collaborative interaction and high efficient commanding functions, which will satisfy the need for rapid development of civil aviation industry and enhance its reserve strength for future development. Besides, some supportive ATM projects for Beijing New Airport have been proceeding smoothly. The west tower construction began on May 11 this year, the construction of Beijing Terminal Control Center kicked off on July 18, both of which are expected to be put into operation in 2019 simultaneously with the new airport.