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CAAC Actively Provides Air Transport Support for China’s Humanitarian Emergency Relief for Cuba14/11/2017

In recent days, serious natural disasters struck some areas in Cuba and Mexico, and a large number of refugees affected by wars rushed into Bangladesh. As a member of the leading group of China’s Inter-Ministry Humanitarian Emergency Relief Working Mechanism, CAAC, closely collaborating with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Civil Affairs, immediately started the emergency response mechanism and strengthened and coordinated relevant work. Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, and Hainan Airlines quickly responded and overcame multiple difficulties including tight schedules, heavy tasks, long distances, multiple countries to be flown and complicated conditions in destination airports, proactively adjusted transport capacity, and ensured the air transport relief work to proceed smoothly.

After Cuba was severely hit by Hurricane Irma, CAAC immediately carried out coordination and deployment that four cargo airplanes from Air China and China Eastern Airlines would implement the task of transporting 400 tons of disaster relief materials. On September 22 and 27, the first and second cargo aircraft departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Havana International Airport. The other two cargo aircrafts planned to start transport on October 1 and October 10 respectively. On September 19, CAAC also coordinated with China Southern Airlines to transport a Red Cross medical team to Havana International Airport and provided support in ticket booking, luggage check-in, on-board service, and airport entry, aiming to guarantee the medical team to conduct rescue and assistance in Cuba in a timely manner.

After the magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit Mexico, CAAC immediately responded to the State’s call for emergency relief, and actively arranged cargo aircraft of China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines to transport the emergency aid materials. From September 27 to 29, four flights of the two airlines carrying 410 tons of aid on board departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Beijing Capital Airport to Mexico City International Airport.

In addition, CAAC actively organized emergency humanitarian relief aid transport for Bangladesh, and successfully arranged two cargo aircraft from China Eastern Airlines to depart from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on September 27 and 28, carrying 150 tons of aid on board, to Shah Chittaggong Airport in Bangladesh.