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Feng Zhenglin Meets with Vice-Governor of Jiangxi Province Li Yihuang13/12/2017

CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin met with Vice-Governor of Jiangxi Province Li Yihuang and his associates in Beijing on November 24. The two sides exchanged views on promoting civil aviation development of Jiangxi Province.

Feng Zhenglin said currently China’s civil aviation sector has been learning and implementing the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Xi Jinping’s report at the Congress proposed to build China into a country with a strong transport industry and civil aviation is an integral part of the vision. CAAC, taking the eight basic features of a country with a strong civil aviation industry as the benchmark, has properly understood the new mission of building a country with a strong civil aviation industry for a new era and put the guiding principles of the 19th National CPC Congress into practice.

In recent years, civil aviation industry in Jiangxi Province has developed rapidly. From January to October, 2017, the growth rate of passenger traffic and aircraft movements of Nanchang Airport in Jiangxi ranked top among airports in the central region of China. A unique comparative advantage has taken shape with robust aviation industry development, complete product mix and powerful scientific research capabilities. CAAC will enhance cooperation with Jiangxi Provincial Government in improving airworthiness certification capability, offering more support and encouraging the pilot project of UAV express delivery in Jiangxi. Feng Zhenglin suggested that Jiangxi give an overall consideration of airspace and ground resources when introducing relevant projects and provide support for civil aviation development in a safe and scientific way.

Li Yihuang appreciated CAAC’s long-term support in air routes and flight resources and general aviation industry development. Currently Jiangxi’s economy has been developing rapidly and steadily. Jiangxi Provincial Government has explicitly proposed to build aviation industry into a pillar industry for the province, and realize the vision of a large industry scale, strong R&D capabilities, more air routes and emerging air towns. He hoped that CAAC could enhance its strategic partnership with Jiangxi Provincial Government, and provide further support in industry planning, airworthiness certification and UAV logistics so as to realize the integrated development of local economy and civil aviation in Jiangxi.