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May 4th Innovation Project Demonstration Event17/05/2018

Feng Zhenglin Puts forward his Expectations of Youths in Civil Aviation Industry


A Group Photo of CAAC Leaders and Youth League Members

With the advent of the 99th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, in the afternoon of May 4, 2018, an innovation project demonstration event was held in Beijing by the National Civil Aviation Youth League. Youth League members from 14 civil aviation entities over China presented outstanding excellent innovation projects in varied forms. Feng Zhenglin, Administrator of CAAC attended the event and delivered a speech. Dong Zhiyi and Wang Zhiqing, Deputy Administrators of CAAC, Lyu Erxue, member of CAACs Party Committee, and relevant department chiefs of the Central Committee of Youth League also attended the event.  

Feng Zhenglin extended greetings to all young people in civil aviation industry of China. He said that in recent years, young staff members of civil aviation have conscientiously studied and followed Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, comprehensively implemented CAACs guiding principles for the civil aviation, made innovations on their own posts, and made notable achievements in ensuring aviation safety, improving service, and accomplishing major emergency support tasks, which has played a vital role and made outstanding contributions to reform and development of civil aviation.

Feng put forward expectations in three areas for the young people: first, remaining true to their original aspiration and keeping practicing Xi Jinping Thought for a New Era; second, shouldering new responsibilities and duties; and third, making unremitting efforts and contributing more to the industry.

Youth League members from the Second Research Institute of CAAC, China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology, Liaoning Airport Group, CAAC Central and Southern Regional Administration, ATMB, Beijing Capital Airport, TravelSky, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China National Aviation Fuel Group, Airworthiness Certification Center and Sichuan Airport Group made novel and varied presentations in a brisk atmosphere. They indicated that the event stimulated their motivation for innovations, and they will continue to tap their potential and develop their capabilities for innovation, make due contributions to building China into a civil aviation power, and help promote the high-quality development of civil aviation industry.