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Dong Zhiyi Inspects Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Air China South China Base12/06/2018

On May 17, Dong Zhiyi, CAAC Deputy Administrator and Chairman of the National Civil Aviation Trade Union, paid a field inspection visit to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Air China South China Base, during which he surveyed on-site production and operations of relevant units, visited and sent greetings to the frontline officials and staff.

At the newly launched Operation Control Center of Baiyun Airport, Dong Zhiyi surveyed in detail the site monitoring capabilities and data application level, and pointed out that Baiyun Airport should further enhance technological innovation and better exploit the advantages of the big data technology to support airport operation. At terminal 2 which was newly put into use, Dong successively inspected the self check-in and self luggage check-in areas, domestic departure and arrival halls, business and first-class lounges, and the comprehensive transport center, listened to reports from CAAC Central South Regional Administration and Guangdong Airport Group on T2 operating procedures, technical highlights and hub operation, and visited and sent greetings on behalf of CAAC Party Group and the National Civil Aviation Trade Union to frontline officials and staff. He pointed out that the terminal 2 project of Baiyun Airport is used to drive the expansion of ground support resources in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and is considered the key hardware support for Baiyun Airport to construct aviation hub in this area. Therefore as T2 has been put into operation, Baiyun Airport should take this significant opportunity to accelerate the building of itself into a safe, green, smart and cultural airport, strengthen technological innovation, enhance operation coordination, improve safe service quality and operation support efficiency, constantly improve its core competitiveness as an international hub airport, and make greater contributions to the building of a strong civil aviation power and local socioeconomic development.

During his inspection at Baiyun Airport, Dong Zhiyi also greeted the frontline aircrew on standby at Air China South China Base. He inquired about flight operation and aircrew work situations during recent thunderstorm weather, and encouraged them to learn from 3U8633 cabin crew so as to improve their work style, technical capabilities and professionalism, and endeavor to be a learner, practitioner and promoter of the modern civil aviation spirit.