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CAAC and He’nan Provincial Government Held Symposium05/07/2018

On June 14, 2017, during his meeting with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel, President Xi Jinping expressed his support to the building of a “Silk Road in the Air” between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg. On the occasion of the one-year anniversary in implementing the guiding principles of President Xi, on June 15, CAAC and He’nan Provincial Government held a symposium in Zhengzhou on the strategic planning for Zhengzhou international air cargo hub. CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin and the Governor of He’nan province Chen Runer were present at the symposium and delivered speeches.

The strategic planning for Zhengzhou international air cargo hub was jointly developed by CAAC and He’nan province, and it is the first strategic planning for air cargo hub compiled by CAAC for a specific airport. At the symposium, relevant officials from He’nan Provincial Development and Reform Commission reported on the construction of the “Silk Road in the Air” and the development of strategic plans. Relevant departments and bureaus of CAAC made thematic reports on the strategic guiding principles, development goals, and strategic priorities for the construction of Zhengzhou international air cargo hub. Leadership from Zhengzhou city introduced the progress of key projects in the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

Feng Zhenglin pointed out that the strategic planning of Zhengzhou international air cargo hub is an important initiative taken by CAAC to implement the instructions of President Xi to build a “Silk Road in the Air” between Zhengzhou and Luxembourg. This strategic planning is an important link in achieving the goal of building China into a civil aviation powerhouse, boosts the transformation and upgrading of economic and social development of the province, and is of great importance to the function and role of He’nan in the overall development of the Belt and Road Initiative. Also, it can cultivate and form a new driving force to support the development of the central and western regions, and create a new pattern of all-round opening up to the outside world. At present, Zhengzhou Airport stands ready to build itself into an international air cargo hub. It is recommended that the He’nan Provincial Government actively promote the building of Zhengzhou international hub in accordance with the laws and characteristics governing air cargo hub construction, and further strengthen the coordination and implementation of plans to ensure high quality building. Also, the early and pilot implementation policy should be carried out to establish reform and innovation experimental zone of aviation logistics, and strengthen the building of aviation logistic workforce. CAAC will fully support the building of the Zhengzhou international hub, and will approve the strategic planning as soon as possible. Support will also be given to the launch of the third phase of the Zhengzhou Airport construction project, the increase of airport capacity, the moderate liberation of cargo traffic rights as well as the lift as applicable of slot restrictions on cargo routes, which will make new contributions to the high quality economic development in He’nan and the building of strong civil aviation powerhouse.

Chen Runer expressed his gratitude to CAAC for its long-term support and assistance to the civil aviation industry in He’nan. He said that the survey group of CAAC making a special trip to He’nan to attend the symposium about the strategic planning for Zhengzhou international cargo hub indicated that CAAC officials do well according to the following criteria: they maintain political integrity, think in terms of the big picture, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment with the central Party leadership, and that they provide cordial services and consistently apply a pragmatic approach. Zhengzhou is located in an area linking the South and the North, and the East and the West, which brings a clear geographical advantage, and nowadays the role of Zhengzhou as an aviation hub is increasingly prominent. The building of a multidimensional, comprehensive and modern transportation system including road traffic, railway, civil aviation and water transportation has sped up, and the pattern of large circulation, logistics and industry is being formed. The construction of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone has registered prominent growth. Formulating the strategic planning of Zhengzhou international air cargo hub is of great significance to further opening up the landlocked province of He’nan, building comprehensive airport hub, upgrading regional industries, deepening civil-military integration, and supporting the efforts of building a civil aviation powerhouse. Jointly developed by CAAC and He’nan, the strategic planning has clear thinking, thorough analysis, scientific demonstration, accurate positioning, and feasible goals, which is highly forward-looking, scientific, and instructive. In the next step, He’nan will ensure high quality implementation of the strategic planning, pushing forward high quality building of the hub, and providing highly efficient cargo transport services, in order to boost the efforts aimed at securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and making the central area of China more prosperous.

Prior to the symposium, Feng Zhenglin led the survey group to the west international cargo station of Zhengzhou Airport, the working area at the port of Zhengzhou Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and the smart logistics distribution park, to be informed of the building of the international aviation hub in Zhengzhou and the development of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.