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CAAC Continues to Strengthen Capacity Building of Airworthiness Certification System11/02/2019

In order to implement the Platform of Actions for Building Civil Aviation Power in the New Era, CAAC has recently issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Capacity Building of Airworthiness Certification System, requiring efforts to be made in the six aspects of project management, working mode, personnel training, legal and regulatory framework, system layout and incentive mechanism, so as to further promote building of airworthiness system, improve airworthiness certification capacity, and facilitate high-quality development of airworthiness certification system.

Benchmarking against the overall target of building a civil aviation power in the new era, the Guiding Opinions raised short-term and mid-and-long-term planning for the development of airworthiness certification system in the new era: to build an airworthiness certification system with relatively strong technical research capabilities, developed mechanisms and sound management system that is suitable for the growth of civil air transport and manufacturing in China by 2020; to build a world-leading airworthiness certification system that can fully meet the development demand of civil air transport and manufacturing in China by 2035; and to have greater say and international influence in the rules and standards on airworthiness on the basis of the “three world-class” by the mid of this century.