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CAAC Issues the First “All-in-One” Maintenance Permit to Ameco05/06/2019

On May 20, CAAC issued the first “all-in-one” maintenance permit to Ameco (Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Corporation). The move represents a major change in the method of management and supervision of the civil aviation maintenance industry, and a solution to the key issues in the cross-regional management of maintenance enterprises. It also constitutes a critical driver for the realization of unified management, optimized layout, resource sharing, efficiency improvement, costs reduction among maintenance enterprises and the high-quality development of the maintenance industry. Li Jian, Deputy Administrator of CAAC, attended the certificate issuing ceremony and delivered a speech.

The “all-in-one” maintenance permit issued to Ameco is “a single certificate signed by multiple departments”. “A single certificate” eliminates the duplication of approvals issued to the same enterprise by CAAC in accordance with the same regulations, and removes the barriers to unified management and resource sharing. “Multiple departments signing on the same certificate”, which reflects division of labor in cross-regional management work, not only accommodates the requirement for improved efficiency and reduced administrative costs in localized management, but also falls in line with the existing system of localization of safety management responsibility. The implementation of “all-in-one” maintenance permits will effectively encourage maintenance enterprises to seek change and will result in reduced institutional costs so that they can focus on brand building.

For the next step, CAAC will actively explore the establishment of a certificate management office (CMO) based on the pilot project of “a single certificate signed by multiple departments”, to finally realize “a single certificate signed by one single authority”, so as to completely eliminate the inconvenience that may be caused to enterprises due to insufficient coordination within CAAC.