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Beijing Daxing International Airport Conducts Its First Comprehensive Test Run Before Opening25/07/2019

On July 19, Beijing Daxing International Airport held its first large-scale, full-process“simulation” exercise in preparation for its official operation. 1,182 simulated passengers carrying 1,182 pieces of simulated luggage went through the normal procedures of check-in, baggage check-in, security check, waiting at the departure lounge, and baggage claim, putting into test the 22 domestic arriving/departing flight support procedures. CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin and Deputy Administrator Dong Zhiyi supervised and guided the test run on-site, and Vice Mayor of Beijing Yang Bin observed and gave instructions on the exercise on-site.

This test run covered 99 items in 8 main procedures, including aircraft departure and arrival, supporting services for domestic departing and arriving passengers, handling of domestic departing and arriving checked baggage, public transport services for passengers, domestic cargo departure and arrival, tool access control, transmission and release of operational information, introduction of production and operation data, and data usage and sharing. The test run aimed to assess the operational readiness in terms of the equipment, processes, procedures, and personnel, and to detect and solve the problems as soon as possible, so as to lay a solid foundation for the official inauguration.