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The 40th Session of ICAO Assembly Kicks Off30/10/2019

The 40th Session of ICAO Assembly Kicks Off on September 24, 2019 at Montreal headquarters of ICAO. Over 2600 delegates from member states and relevant international organizations participated in the 11-day session. Subject matters like aviation safety, air navigation, aviation security, air transport policies and environment protection were discussed during the session. The Chinese government delegation was headed by CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin, and Deputy Administrator Li Jian.

During his remarks at the plenary, Deputy Administrator Li Jian noted that 75 years ago, our predecessors developed the Convention on International Civil Aviation, leading to subsequent inception of ICAO, which laid down the legal basis and fundamental guidelines for international civil aviation. Over 75 years, ICAO has delivered against its aims and objectives, made outstanding contributions to the international connectivity, mutual learning and safe and orderly development of our industry in the world.

Li indicated that as one of the founders of ICAO and a Council member, China has as always taken aviation safety as the bottom line. Up to now, China’s aviation safety record amounted to 109 months, roughly 77.5 million hours, and aviation security record - 208 months in a row. China has taken high-quality development as its first priority. In 2018, the industry transport turnover stood at 120.64 billion ton-km, the second in the world for 14 straight years. With that, China’s contribution to the world aviation growth exceeded 20%. China has earnestly honored its obligations as a responsible country. China is an active participator of various ICAO programs and activities. China responded actively to the No Country Left Behind Initiative, and has signed air service agreements with 126 countries and regions.

During the session, Chinese delegation had bilateral talks with some 50 states and international organization which cover such topics as aviation safety, air navigation, aviation security, air transport policy and environment protection.