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Information on International Flight Plans (Phase Six)25/03/2020

Information on International Flight Plans (Phase Six)

March 19, 2020

According to the flight plans submitted by Chinese and foreign airlines, in the coming week (March 23-29), 101 overseas points in 52 countries out of the 75 countries which operate flights to/from China will maintain scheduled flight operations to/from the points in China (excluding those in Hong Kong SAR of China, Macao SAR of China and Taiwan Province of China, same below), operating a weekly total of 2,003 round-trip flights, including 1,073 passenger flights to/from 59 overseas points in 39 countries and 930 all cargo flights to/from 68 points in 30 countries. Chinese airlines will operate 1,147 flights, including 796 passenger flights and 351 all cargo flights, while foreign airlines will operate 856 flights, including 277 passenger flights and 579 all cargo flights.

Among the above passenger flights, flights to the following 27 countries will be performed solely by the Chinese airlines: Egypt, Austria, Australia, Pakistan, Belarus, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Germany, France, Philippines, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, South Africa, Nepal, Portugal, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Spain, Greece, New Zealand, India, United Kingdom, Cuba and Brazil.

Department of Air Transport, CAAC

Appendix 1---International Flight Plans of Chinese and Foreign Airlines (March 23-29) 

Appendix 2---Countries Operating Flights to/from China and Overseas Points (March 23-29)