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China Re-elected Part I Council Member of ICAO26/10/2022

China was re-elected member of the Part I Council member of ICAO at the 41st Session of ICAO Assembly in Montreal, Canada, on October 1. It is the seventh time that China has been elected Part I Council member since 2004.

170 states voted in the election on October 1. In addition to China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States were elected Part I members of the Council as well. Since 1974 when China resumed its participation in ICAO, China had been elected a Part II member ten times in a row up until 2004. Since then, China has been a Part I member.

Over the past years, the civil aviation of China has put safety first and promoted green and high-quality development of the industry. More than 400 planes have been put into commercial operation and 18 newly built airports, including Beijing Daxing International Airport, have been up and running since 2019. In addition, efforts have been made to speed up the application of the 5G technology, big data, UAV, BeiDou Global Navigation Satellite System and other new technologies. With these efforts, the air navigation service has become more efficient while the industry sticks to a green and low-carbon development pattern. In 2021, the total transport turnover of China's civil aviation reached 85.69 billion ton-km. By far, China has remained one of the two countries with the highest transport turnover among all ICAO member states for 16 consecutive years and has contributed to over 20 percent of global air transport growth for many years in a row. As an initiating member state of ICAO, China remains committed to the purposes and objectives of the Convention on International Civil Aviation and has actively promoted the safe, efficient and sustainable growth of international civil aviation. China will act in good faith on the Global Development Initiative and ICAO’s No Country Left Behind initiative and contribute its fair share to realizing the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as early as possible.

As a standing governing body of ICAO, the Council is composed of three groups of States. The first part — states of chief importance in air transport. The second part — states which make the largest contribution to the provision of facilities for international civil air navigation. The third part — states whose designation will ensure that all the major geographical areas of the world are represented on the Council.