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China Awarded ICAO Outstanding Resource Contributor26/10/2022

China was awarded the ICAO Outstanding Resource Contributor during the 41st Session of ICAO Assembly. The Award was sponsored by the United Arab Emirates and was presented every three years to commend states, organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the development of global aviation and the work of ICAO. The Award for China indicates the full recognition of China’s active participation in and support for the work of ICAO.

As an active participant of the ICAO No Country Left Behind initiative, China has been deeply engaged in major events of ICAO and activities of various technical panels of the Secretariat. China has continuously scaled up wisdom, human resources and financial support for ICAO activities with its comprehensive contribution ranking high among all ICAO Member States. Over the past three years, China has provided extensive support for ICAO’s Asia and Pacific (APAC) Office and ICAO projects including the ICAO Safety Fund, African Aviation Safety Plan Fund, Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Programme - North Asia and Resource Mobilization Fund. As the host country, China fully supports the establishment and operation of ICAO APAC Beijing Sub-Office which has provided training for 1257 persons from 30 countries and regions in the Asian-Pacific region. Up to now, over 280 Chinese experts have directly participated in the development of ICAO policies and standards on air transport as well as in global audit and training. In 2022, China has made the commitment to provide BeiDou Global Navigation Satellite System or BDS service for global civil aviation so as to make sure that BDS will serve the safe and critical aircraft navigation in the global civil aviation.

Moreover, China has assisted, through South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund, developing countries in their training programs for professionals in aviation safety, security, flight standards, airworthiness and so on as well as providing the countries with meteorological equipment and digital control technology for the purpose of enhancing global aviation safety.