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CAAC Issues the “Implementation Guidance for Passenger Transfer Facilitation (2nd Edition)”08/11/2022

Based on new evidences of transfer facilitation services and actual practice in civil aviation industry and enterprises, CAAC recently issued the second edition of “Implementation Guidance for Passenger Transfer Facilitation” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Guidance (2nd Edition)”). The Implementation Guidance (2nd Edition) is designed to promote the normalization, standardization and quality of the services concerning both transfer flights across airlines and through flights, enhance airlines and airports’ transit services in all respects, as well as apply the “Management Platform for Through Flight Services” and “Platform for Transfer Passenger Services” in the aviation sector.

The Implementation Guidance was initially circulated at the beginning of 2021 and received positive responses from the industry. All related departments actively applied new technologies, new modes and new business models to further enhance passengers' willingness to travel by air. On top of that, CAAC is ramping up efforts to establish an integrated transfer platform for services to break down barriers and obstacles and converge various data sources. CAAC is also aiming for the information transformation and digital transformation of passenger transfer and the establishment of the “civil aviation +” ecosystem in which travel experience and transfer services are significantly enhanced.